End-of-life vehicles 



Need to get an older car off your property as soon as possible? 

All cars have an expiry date. Whether repair costs are more than the car is worth, your vehicle fails to pass MOT or you are simply at your wits end with a car that repeatedly breaks down, Emergency Recovery 24/7 is happy to take it off your hands.

We will offer a fair price based on the vehicle's model, age and condition, before towing it away ourselves. This is not restricted by technical or mechanical faults, nor if the car is a non-runner.

Fill out a contact form to find out more. 

a silver car crashed into the front right-hand door of a black car



 two individuals taking a photo of a damaged car



We can offer to buy a variety of car from you 

We are happy to purchase: 

  • MOT failures  
  • Natural end-of-life vehicles (Numerous age-related issues, no longer economically feasible to repair, etc) 
  • Premature end-of-life vehicles (Write-offs due to an accident, vehicles written off by a collision, etc)