Emergency Breakdown Services
in Coventry 






What sets Emergency Recovery 24/7 apart and why you should consider us 

With our services informed by our founder's 10 years of industry experience, Emergency Recovery 24/7 are a professional team of breakdown technicians supplying car recovery in Coventry. By covering a more local area, we are able to provide our customers with a more personalised service backed up with our knowledge of the Coventry area and ability to respond well outside standard business hours.

Call us at 07593 103323 for friendly and professional roadside assistance or car recovery in Coventry. 

a man showing a lady a clipboard of paperwork for a recovery in front of a yellow recovery truck


Why choose our emergency breakdown services in Coventry?


We are quick to respond 

We offer round-the-clock coverage, 7 days a week. From straighforward recoveries between Birmingham and Coventry to towing a car to a garage in the South, we give each callout our all.

We are extremely reliable 

We will not give an ETA unless we are absolute certain we can meet it, based on the me of day and road conditions.  

We have technical knowledge 

Our team are able to diagnose most breakdown-related issues right there on the roadside and will let you know if we can fix it there and then. Of course, whether you allow us to continue or wish to leave that to your usual mechanic is up to you. 



We repair whenever possible 

Towing is our last port of call. We will always attempt to perform fixes, if only to give you the opportunity to drive to a garage.  

We keep you in the loop 

We keep our customers informed and calm throughout the recovery process.

We offer fair pricing 

Every aspect of the call-out is accounted for on in a single transparent quote, accounting for the initial journey, the extent of the repairs (if applicable) and where you wish for you or your vehicle to be taken.



Get in touch via our contact form or call us directly at 07593 103323 if you need emergency breakdown services in Coventry or the surrounding area. 

Frequently Asked Questions about car recovery in Coventry  



What is roadside recovery?

Roadside recovery is assisting drivers who have broken down or been involved in a collision, through attempting to diagnose and repair the fault (if applicable) and/or tying the vehicle away to a garage.

What if my car needs urgent repairs and my garage is far away?

In the event that your vehicle needs urgent repairs, we will tow your vehicle to a local Coventry based garage. We maintain a network of trusted garages, who we will leave your vehicle with before taking you home.

Do I need breakdown cover to use your services?

There is no legal requirement for breakdown cover in the United Kingdom, meaning that any legal and insured driver can use our services.

Why do we only offer emergency breakdown services in Coventry?

Local roadside assistance companies like ours are typically able to respond faster than nationwide breakdown cover and can offer coverage outside of standard business hours. We are familiar with the main roads, motorways and backroads in and around Coventry and know the best way to get to you.

How much do we charge?

We treat each drive-out like a bespoke package, and so we base the price based on where you are located in proximity to Coventry, the extent of the damage and how far you need to travel.






Where Are We Able To Respond To For Roadside Recovery?

Emergency Recovery 24/7 covers a 15-mile radius in and around Coventry. Please see our map.